How to Start

Detailed explanation in step by step

1) Open Play Store in your Android Phone and Search for ChampCash.
Select "ChampCash Money Free" and Install, then Open ChampCash.
Click on "SignUp with ChampCash" and Fill your details Name, Email, Dob, Mobile..
Click on check box and then click on "Proceed" button, in next screen Enter Sponsor's Refer ID - "10148915"
If you enter correctly it shows your Sponsor name as "M Rajesh", then Click on "Verify"

2) Now, it shows some 8 to 10 Apps to Install (Challenges), click on Accept.
Complete those challenges one by one, Spend at least 2 to 3 minutes in each app
Before downloading any app plz read the instructions carefully.
If you've apps some of them already, it shows u as "Done" and If not, it shows u as "Install"
Now click "Install" from one of those Non-installed apps then it's automatically open in "Play Store"

3) Install & Open, If it requires to Register or Signup then do it. If not, just keep open that app 3-4 min.
If you see proceed to next app alert button then click on that button.
If you don't see Proceed button, plz don't touch "Back", just minimize that app and Open ChampCash from already running windows.
After finiishing the first app installation, now it's also shows you as "Done"

4) Now, go to Next App Install and do the same as first app installation
If you done all successfully, it shows you a message on your Mobile Screen "Great".
Now you can see your Refer ID in front of your Name.
You done a Good job, you can also suggest to your friends and others with your Refer ID and Earn like a Champion.

Earn Unlimited

As Your Referred Friend Joins with Champcash and Completes the Challenge then You and Your Above 6 Levels will get its payment in Following Way. You will get 50% of direct refer and 10% of each user till 5 levels. After 5 levels you will get 5% of each user payout. Users will get payout only after they compleate challange. You can join unlimited direct user by using your Referral ID. In the following example it is shown that how people are getting commission .If you Refer anyone then he will be at Your Level 1 and You will get directly 50% from him.In the same manner Commission will be distributed to your above levels according to the shown commission rate.

Champ Cash Money Free Android App.


ChampCash App 1

Champ Cash Free Android App.Champ Cash Free Android App.Champ Cash Free Android App.


ChampCash App 2

Champ Cash Free Android App.Champ Cash Free Android App.Champ Cash Free Android App.


ChampCash App 3

Champ Cash Free Android App.Champ Cash Free Android App.Champ Cash Free Android App.

Money Withdraw Options


Bank Redeem

You can Redeem your money on Monthly basis, Minimum withdraw is 5$. 1$ = Rs.62/-. We have to submit our KYC forms in Bank Redeem section in the App. After verification successful by company we can Redeem to our Bank Account. We have to Submit PanCard Scan/Photo, Bank Passbook 1st page, Indentify Proof. Tds deduction 10%, you can claim with IT dept in the year end.



You can Recharge your or any others Mobiles Numbers with your Balance, Minimum recharge amount is Rs.20/- for Indian users Amount will be calculated as 1$ = Rs.62/- and same will be deducted from your balance.


Champ Coin

You can buy ChampCoins with your Balance, ChampCoin rate is depending on LiveRates of ChampCoin.



PayPal withdraw option is for Outside of India users. You have to Provide your Verified PayPal or Payza accounts. PayPal standard rules and charges applicable and rates of currency is depends on PayPal live rates on the transaction date.

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